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Toxic Mold / Mildew Inspections and Testing by Certified Mold Inspectors Serving Homeowner, Home Buyer, Insurance Company, Real Estate Agent, Housing Authorities, Residential Rental Unit Owner, Commercial Property Owners, Public and Private School, Hospital, Government Buildings.

The mold inspection is different from a building inspection. The toxic mold inspection is designed to find not only mold / mildew, but also unearth any elements that could potentially cause toxic mold / mildew such as, sources of water intrusions, excessive moisture, and humidity.

The mold inspection consists of a complete, in-depth, visual inspection of accessible areas by an experienced inspector. It also includes several samples including one outdoor air sample. And at least four indoor samples. The outdoor sample is typically done by a professional mold inspection service as a control to be used to determine if indoor spore levels are typical for the area or if they are concentrated and unusually high in your home.

They are Several Types of Mold / Mildew Sampling;
> Swab Testing and Sampling
> Air Testing and Sampling
> Bulk Testing and Sampling 
> Clearance Testing and Sampling

certified mold inspectors use hygrometers (detects humidity levels and accurate temperature readings), boroscopes (fiber optics), Tramex moisture encounter, protimiter (moisture meter), and laser particle counters (instant airborne particle count). These all help detect hidden black mold and mildew behind the walls, ceilings and floors to determine the areas of potential black mold growth and continuing moisture penetration. The inspection should follow the guidelines set up by the EPA.

The expertise of a mold inspector who is a certified licensed contractor is invaluable when evaluating a Toxic mold problem, because the Inspection determines the scope of the mold remediation and mold cleanup process. As a result AAC clients will save tremendous amounts of money and time.

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